THANK YOU EVERYONE! Measure K PASSED with an overwhelming 76% APPROVAL.

SV High Schoolers Talk About Their School and Cuts

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Everyone Agrees!

Political parties and community leaders in Scotts Valley unanimously support Measure K. Both the Democratic and Republican Parties officially endorsed Measure K, and lauded the School District for its attempts to protect education. The Senior Coalition has endorsed the measure, as have all 26 of the elected officials in Scotts Valley, which includes every member of the City Council and School Board.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel, Scotts Valley Banner and Scotts Valley Times all agree that Measure K is needed and back the measure.

Scotts Valley’s schools rank in the top 10% statewide, and US News & World Report gave a GOLD ranking to Scotts Valley High School, ranking it in the top 50 high schools in the State. The high school boasts a 98% graduation rate, with over 97% of those graduates going on to higher education.

However, the State has dealt our schools a series of massive budget cuts placing the quality of our children’s education in peril. In Scotts Valley budget cuts have resulted in the loss of over 20% of our teachers, and many other cuts to programs and staff that directly impact our children.

SOS SV believes that we can work together as a community by backing a temporary parcel tax measure that will protect the quality of our schools.

This temporary parcel tax will protect our children’s education by:

  • Maintaining reading and writing skills in all grades;
  • Maintaining programs in mathematics and sciences in all grades;
  • Retaining highly qualified teachers;
  • Minimizing further increases in class size.

The tax will last only 3 years and will be for $48 per parcel. Once approved, 100% of the money will stay with Scotts Valley Schools and cannot be taken away by the State.

This parcel tax will not be used for administration salaries, non-classroom personnel or buildings. Furthermore, the tax will provide for:

  • Exemptions:Senior Citizens and/or those receiving SSI Disability benefits may exempt themselves from the parcel tax.
  • Oversight:There will be an independent citizen’s oversight committee, which will ensure funds are spent as promised.

Thank you so much to our generous donors and angels that have made this campaign possible. SOS SV is a Community Group made up of Scotts Valley business leaders, community leaders, parents, and educators seeking to bring the Community together to help Scotts Valley Unified School District maintain quality education.

Read our FAQ for more answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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